My name is Inna Akkila. Meditation, yoga, energy healing and self-development have been a strong part of my life for over 20 years.


I live in a quiet countryside. Nature, presence, heart connection and my sweet dogs are my empowering everyday life. I have gone through numerous trainings, life lessons and experiences. 20 years ago I gave up my busy job as an accountant, relaxed, opened up to heart connection and energies and started to help people.


My energy healing method in mainly intuitive and I have also attended many trainings. My features inlude e.g. strong energies, high energy frequencies and the ability to understand many kinds of, even very tough, life experiences.


When you feel well, it's effortless to be present in the moment, listen to yourself and make better and bolder choices.


A warm welcome to my healing and the journey towards more energetic and freer life!

Inna  🤍


In silence, you can hear the voice of your heart and where it wants to lead you. 🤍